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This blog covers academic and medical research on tattoo removal. Please see tattoo removal for an introduction to laser removal, tattoo removal creams, etc.

Make Sure to Use the Correct Light Settings for Tattoo Removal

A research article by Wenzel, Landthaler & Baumler (2009) published in Dermatology (volume: 218, pages 164-167) investigated problems caused by incorrect light parameter settings in tattoo removal. Twelve patients with scarring and hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation were evaluated. more>>


Allergic Ink Reaction in Tattoo Removal

Dr. Anderson and colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital report two cases of anaphylactic shock after laser tattoo removal. more>>


Pain Reduction by S-Caine Peel during Tattoo Removal

Researchers in the Dermatology Department at the University of Louisville studied the efficacy of S-Caine peels vs a placebo in a double-blind study with thirty participants receiving laser tattoo removal. more>>


Living with S(k)in: An Analysis of Tattoo Removal

Emily Downing carried out a two-part analysis of tattoo removal focusing on the role of sin and confession. more>>


Tattoo Pigment Absorption Spectra During Laser Removal

Research carried out at San Diego's Naval Medical Center investigated variance in absorption spectra of different color inks. more>>

Correct light setting for tattoo removal

Allergic reaction in tattoo ink removal

Pain reduction during tattoo removal

Sin and confession in tattoo removal

Tattoo pigment absorption by laser






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