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Living with S(k)in: An Analysis of Tattoo Removal

In a conference paper presented by Downing at an Internation Communications Association meeting in New Orleans, the author carried out a two-part analysis of tattoo removal.

First, internet advertisements that promoted tattoo removal were analyzed. Such analysis lead to the conclusion that a reminder of the removed tattoo in terms of a scar were couched in a positive light. Given this puzzling result, a second part of the paper emphasized the role of fantasy in those considering tattoo removal. The underlying process concerns the tattooed person's desire to attain absolution from a "sinful" tattoo. The tattooed person assumes the role of a confessing sinner and the medical clinic becomes the confessor's listener. Particularly salient in gang tattoo removal websites and brochures is the clinic's role in an act of confessional contrition.

These results are consistent with earlier studies where participants in tattoo removal prefered a scar to the tattoo.

Allergic reaction in tattoo ink removal