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Make Sure to Use the Correct Light Settings for Tattoo Removal

A research article by Wenzel, Landthaler & Baumler (2009) published in Dermatology (volume: 218, pages 164-167) investigated problems caused by incorrect light parameter settings in tattoo removal. Twelve patients with scarring and hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation were evaluated. Nine had received removal from physicians and three from beauticians; method of treatment was 9 received laser light, 2 IPL and 1 a radiofrequency device. The authors concluded that the mistakes were due to excessive pulse duration of the devices. Correct application of laser light is in very short burst of high intensity light, such use will selectively destroy the ink particles while not harming the skin. Lower intensity longer duration laser application (or other light/radiofrequency) is not suitable for as the heat intented for the pigment only is transfered to the skin, concluded the authors.

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