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Pain Reduction by S-Caine Peel during Tattoo Removal

Researchers in the Dermatology Department at the University of Louisville studied the efficacy of S-Caine peels (a topical local anesthetic of Lidocaine and Tetracaine) vs a placebo in a double-blind study with thirty participants receiving laser tattoo removal.

Patients received the peel and the placebo for an hour on different tattoo sites prior to the tattoo removal. Efficacy was assessed using a self-report pain scale as well as invesigator and an independent observers perception of the patients pain experience. Results indicated significant pain reduction from the peel vs the placebo in the self-report and other-report measures. Forty-three percent of the patients reported they would like to use the peel again vs 7% for the placebo.

The researchers enrolled thirty adult patients undergoing laser tattoo removal. Each patient received both an S-Caine Peel and placebo simultaneously for sixty minutes. The primary efficacy parameter used in the study was a 100 mm visual analog scale (VAS) for patient self-assessment. In addition, secondary efficacy assessments were utilized including both the investigator?s and an independent observer?s evaluation of the subject?s pain. Each used a categorical four-point scale (no pain to severe).

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